UNCAC Self Assessment Report – Chapters Three and Four

In September 2011, Tanzania conducted a comprehensive Self-Assessment against the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) which analyzes Tanzania’s anti-corruption systems, legislation and practice in relation to UNCAC’s global standards.

The UNCAC Self assessment is an ongoing process, which is expected to promote the National reforms and prepare for the review under the Review Mechanism.

The UNCAC Review Mechanism only reviews the UNCAC chapters III and IV which is about Criminalization & Law Enforcement and International Cooperation but Tanzania has chosen to go beyond the minimum in also reviewing its measures on the Prevention of Corruption and Asset Recovery.

Introductory statement

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Country Review Report 2014

Review by Sierra Leone and Australia of the implementation by the United Republic of Tanzania of articles 15 – 42 of Chapter III. “Criminalization and law enforcement” and articles 44 – 50 of Chapter IV. “International cooperation” of the United Nations Convention against Corruption for the review cycle 2012 - 2013. For more info read