What is SAFAC?

The Southern African Forum Against Corruption (SAFAC) is a network of anti-corruption bodies where such exist or representatives of Governments in the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

SAFAC’s aim is to build the capacity of anti-corruption agencies in the SADC region to develop effective strategies to fight corruption and at the same time create synergies with various other stakeholders working in the area of anti-corruption.


When was SAFAC created?


The Southern African Forum Against Corruption (SAFAC) was created in the year 2000 in Botswana Gaborone and was officially launched in Maseru Lesotho in July 2001.

What are the objectives of SAFAC?

The objectives of SAFAC as provided for under Art.5 are as follows:-

  1. Assist SADC Members States to implement the SADC Protocol Against Corruption
  2. Promote, strengthen and enhance cooperation and foster joint strategies for combating corruption and economic crime and related offences throughout the region
  3. Make arrangements for networking among Members, prepare and disseminate relevant information as may be necessary to benefit Members to combat such criminal activities in the region
  4. Carry out regular reviews of anti-corruption strategies and disseminate best practices amongst Members
  5. Make relevant recommendations to governments of members in relation to the combating of corruption and related offences in the Southern Africa Region
  6. Formulate systematic regional training policies for personnel engaged in anti-corruption work, taking into account the needs and performance requirements of regional anti-corruption initiatives
  7. Facilitate investigations being conducted by organizations in Member’s countries by affording access by Members and their representatives to witnesses and information within the boundaries of other Members’ countries and carrying out investigations on behalf of other Members
  8. Publish journals, papers, statistics and other information on the state of corruption in the region, on anti-corruption strategies and initiatives and on important developments and cases
  9. Carry out such relevant and appropriate strategies for the purposes of promoting regional cooperation and collaboration in anti-corruption campaigns and actions
  10. Establish contacts and exchanges and implement joint strategies with other international and representative organizations which have anti-corruption activities amongst their objectives
  11. Promote the concepts of transparency, ethics and good accountable governance throughout the region.


 Who are the Member Countries of SAFAC?

According to SAFAC Constitution, SAFAC comprises of Government Anti-corruption bodies from the following countries:

  • The Republic of Angola
  • The Republic of Botswana
  • The Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • The Kingdom of Lesotho
  • The Republic of Malawi
  • The Republic of Mozambique
  • The Republic of Namibia
  • The Republic of Seychelles
  • The Republic of South Africa
  • The Kingdom of Swaziland
  • The United Republic of Tanzania
  • The Republic of Zambia
  • The Republic of Zimbabwe


What is the structure of SAFAC?

SAFAC consist of:

The Chair of SAFAC who is being elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.  The Chair, so elected, shall retain that position until the next Annual General Meeting unless removed by Special Resolution.

The Secretary General who is currently from PCCB Tanzania



What are the functions of the Secretariat?

The functions of the Secretariat are to:

  1. Keep minutes of all General Meetings, meetings of the Management Committee and other SAFAC Committees and Sub-Committees
  2. Maintain a register of Members and Associate Members
  3. Maintain such databases as the Members or Management Committee shall from time to time direct
  4. Facilitate access by Members to the databases
  5. Facilitate communication requests for assistance made between Members
  6. Maintain records of SAFAC’s income, expenditure and liabilities
  7. Issue notices of meetings to Members
  8. Arrange for the publication of the materials listed in Article 5(1) (h)
  9. Correspond, as instructed by General Meetings the Management Committee or any Committee or Sub Committee
  10. Facilitate meetings of SAFAC, the Management Committee or any Committee or Sub-Committee
  11. Arrangement for the collection of Members contributions, the safe custody and accounting therefore, and making such disbursements as are approved by the Management Committee
  12. Coordinate fund raising activities and resource allocation, receive, provide safe custody and accounting for all funds received by or donated to SAFAC
  13. Arrange the dates, venues and agendas or all General Meetings and meetings of the Management Committee, Committees and Sub-Committees
  14. Prepare the Annual Report of SAFAC’s activities for tabling at the Annual General Meeting
  15. Any other duty as it may be authorized to do by a General Meeting or the Management Committee